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At PowerOn we supply and install sustainable power systems for your home, site or business. We provide, Solar Power as well as Wind and Hydro power systems or a combination of these technologies. We specialise in Grid Tied and Off Grid (stand alone or remote area power systems; SAPS, RAPS) sustainable energy generation.  We can also supply and install back-up generators and battery storage to work with these systems. Our specifically designed power solutions perform at optimal levels and are matched to your needs and resources.

Equipment will be selected from a variety of sources to deliver the optimal outcome for your requirement, no “bundled” systems here.  Our primary focus in on supplying high quality non-chinese equipment where possible although we can offer lower cost solutions if required.


PowerOn has been reinstated after Freedom Energy, a joint venture between PowerOn and Solar Selectives (which started in 2010 and underwent several changes of shareholders/directors since then), decided to wind up as the directors wanted to develop in differing directions.  PowerOn has taken over support and service for Freedom Energy installations.  PowerOn has over 23 years of practical, hands on experience in renewables!

Why use us?

PowerOn offers the following points for consideration as the supplier of your renewable generation system.

  • Experienced; active in renewables since 1994.
  • Lives off grid and has done so for 19 years in total now.
  • Offers systems designed to meet your needs, not packages “off the shelf”
  • First choice is non-Chinese equipment from manufacturers with a stable track record and the ability to support warranty and service.
  • Can supply lower cost equipment from Chinese manufacturers that are technically good, with disclosure of any risks.
  • Local, speedy support (if you should need it).
  • The process does not stop at the commissioning of the system. After sales support and training in system operation.
  • Detailed user manual for your equipment, more than only the manufacturers manuals.
  • Systems supplied and installed on a fixed price contract, no hidden extras or nasty surprises at the end.
  • Grid tied, off-grid or hybrid systems. Options are limitless.
  • Initial consultations (Nelson/Tasman area) are no cost and involve open, honest advice so you understand what you are planning to embark into.
Bruce beside part of his home system array